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    yahoo messenger for fedora core 6

    hEllo ... friends...
    i am new on linux... plz tell me if there is any messenger for yahoo!!....
    i dont want to use GAIM a messenger....

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    Linux Guru Juan Pablo's Avatar
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    i dont want to use GAIM a messenger....
    Any particular reason? You can also try Kopete if you don't mind installing some extra KDE libs
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    yEp i want to try ...Kopete...
    but i dont know where to download it...
    plz mention the link ... from where i can download Kopete...

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    yum install kopete
    That's it. Most applications can be installed using your distribution's packages manager.
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    You can also download yahoo messenger for Linux too.
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    The official version looks a tad old so you may want to stick some alternative clients such as Kopete.
    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    i try ... yum install kopete ... but nothing is install
    i want yahoo messenger client for fedora core 6

    tell me is kopete messenger works with fedora core 6.... ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaz1024
    tell me is kopete messenger works with fedora core 6.... ??
    Yes, it will work for FC6. Just be sure that you are root when you execute:
    #yum install kopete
    and also make sure that you have the kde and extras repositories enabled.

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    Kopete is part of the kdenetwork package in FC6, so all you need to do is
    #yum install kdenetwork

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    Well i hate the fact i can't use Yahoo Messenger on Linux. Actually i dont know how to install anything at all. Login in as root no problem.

    Downloading files no problem its just they are automatically put on my desktop (Im using Suse 9.3). And trying to follow the steps on:

    Just nobody really answers what EXACTLY you have to do. The only input i get is 'login to root', which is no problem. Somehow the root seems quite text based according to them, but the problem is i get some kind of desktop ! (I have no idea how to make screenshots on Suse neither so i can't sent u a picture)

    So i try some stuff maybe try through 'Konsole' enter the commands to find out that it can't find any files. Nobody seems to think that im only used to windows i drag stuff somewhere now i have folders which i dont dare to touch cause they look scary 'usr/bin' 'root' funny but scary.

    So i try through YaST2 ... or something like that... and just follow steps. Install software ... doesn't get me anywhere. What i would like to see is a picture to picture 'walkthrough' on how to install Yahoo or MSN or something like that using Suse (9.3 if that makes a difference). And picture to picture i mean even if i login wrong (just login AS root gets me desktop i dunno whether thats supposed to happen) and even the downloading of the file (i downloaded it by login in to root first... and it autosaves stuff on desktop ... is that supposed to happen?). And well exactly the stuff i need for a totall noob on Linux, used to Windows (oh an exe file just open it and i have a programm that actually ... just does all the stuff for me), so i dont really have much experience ... if someone says use ... Konsole i wanna know where i can find it.

    I hope someone can help me out ! I dont think its really hard when u did it a few times but for a real noob its quite difficult to understand.

    Hope to get some feedback on this one Thanks in advance,
    Sonny van Leur

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