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Thread: x0vncserver

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    Question x0vncserver


    i have download the source code of vnc.. 'coz i want to recompiled and start on port 6460 ... i have changed 6460 port where i got 5900.

    it will compile and configure successfully.. but while i tried to start x0vncserver it gives following errors ...

    # x0vncserver

    Fri Mar 23 10:37:44 2007
    main: XTest extension present - version 2.2
    main: Listening on port 6460
    main: select: Invalid argument (22)
    ~ImageCleanup called

    i m not able to predict the error 'coz without changing of port it will works fine on 5900.. but after changed the port number to 6460 inside vnc code, it given me above error.

    plz help me out...


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    Why do you need to compile from source to change the port vnc listens on?
    You can specify the port when you start the vnc server.

    vncserver -rfbport 6460

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    vncserver gives on display 1

    i want to take RDV on display 0 with the help of port no 6460,

    i would not like to specify RFB port...

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    I know this isn't what you want but
    vncserver :0 -rfbport 6460
    will change the desktop to 0 and listen on port 6460.

    I don't know why compiling from source doesn't work as you want it too.
    Maybe try contacting the vnc developers?

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    i have also tried this command but it will say vncserver is already running on display 0

    i tried to take vncviewer on display 0 it will give error like connection refused (111)

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