maybe Im in the wrong area...but ive been on many different Linux boards trying to solve my problem...and most I get are smart ass remarks...and no help.

My problem is I have Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3 and my enlightenment desktop keeps crashing, and I think its because I tried messing around with one of the modules...the TClock (digital clock that displays on the desktop)....

it had values like :



something to that affect, but since I changed it...I couldnt remember what it was originally set at...needless to say, E17 crashes on me, and I have no idea how to fix. Didnt think it would be a big deal to try and change the time...I was wrong.

so what I am hoping for is someone who has any knowldge on resetting these values...maybe a root command?

I really dont want to have to re-install YDL...thats such a pain.

anyways, thanks to anyone who helps...