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Thread: ASP Linux ????

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    ASP Linux ????

    Hey I'm a semi newbie and I just installed asp linux 11.2 on one of my comps but a strange thing happens. Sometimes the screen fades and goes black and when I hit the mouse it'll come back on and ask for a pass which is fine but other times the whole comp seems to shut down after it is left for to long ?? I don't know if it's going into hibernation or what but the fan on the cpu stops and everything it seems to totally shut down. It happened twice I cant remember what was going on the 1st time but the 2nd time I was down loading and installing updates it was taking a really long time then it just flashed something on the screen about saving it was to fast to read and shut down ?? anyone know whats goin on there ?? it could be my mobo im not sure yet if it is faulty or not its not new so... anyway any help would be appriciated.

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    The screen fading is just the screensaver by the sounds of it. However if it is shutting down it is either :-
    • A powersaving configuration gone wrong (not too likely unless you did it yourself
    • Your CPU overheating
    If your system is overheating it will shutdown to save itself. On some motherboards this is accompanied by some warning beeps. Have you any other OS running on it? If so do they do the same thing?

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    indeed !!

    yes that could be it when I had it apart the thermal tape on the processor was a little damaged and scraped off could I fix that with some thermal paste ?? could I test with a live cd would it over heat while using a live cd ?? then I would be more sure.


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