Ok the "issue" I am having trouble with (understanding fully and working my way through) is when I do ./configure for kdebase-3.5.6 I get

You are missing
OpenGL information module has been disabled.

How I got to that point(this information isn't all that important, just figured I should explain myself): I recently suffered a drive crash and had to re-install I installed slackware 11 and decided that while I was at it, I'd give beryl a shot. The wiki for beryl on slackware 11 seemed to not be so kind to me. I got many many errors on "startX" mostly version conflicts. So I decided to go ahead and re-install slackware omitting all Xserver and kde packages. I downloaded and did configure/make/make install for all latest xserver proto's libs, Xserver itself, all the xutils and all xapps (plus Freetype, fontconfig, mkfontdir, mkfontscale, pthread stubs,expat,gperf, zlib, and libdrm (as they were needed to install different packages for xserver) Eventually worked out several issues with getting xserver to run and moved onto installing KDE


Xserver 7.2 IS successfully loading XGL (this IS using NVIDIA drivers as well)

I am uncomfortably assuming XGL is the openGL stuff I need, but it seems KDE feels otherwise

I installed Qt 3.8, kde-libs-3.5.6, and arts-1.5.6 without any errors

However when I go to run ./configure kdebase-3.5.6, I get the error (or message)

You are missing
OpenGL information module has been disabled."

WELL I was doubtfully hoping that it wouldn't be necessary because XGL would take care of that when its all running, but I went ahead and ran make/make install for kdebase-3.5.6 and moved onto kdeartwork which gave me this error
"You are missing
OpenGL support has been disabled.
Some of the screensavers wont be compiled."

This one leaves me to believe that if I continue, MANY components of KDE will not be installed because of this OpenGL issue

google searches are leading me to very few results and none which are actually mentioning this message (with any type of useful informaiton about it) SO I turn here... hoping that someone will give me some guidance for several questions
IS this even a problem?
If not, then what about all this kde stuff that says it will omit things because of it?

if so,
Shouldn't Xserver's XGL take care of this openGL module?
If so, How do I get kde to recognize it?
Is there something I need to do to the module?
Is it something I have to do for KDE?
If not, How do I get an OpenGL module which KDE can use?
Will this module work with X11 7.2?
If there is, is there something I can do to avoid this conflict?

sorry I really didn't give many specifics on the issue. Evidently, I just don't know much about openGL AT ALL and sorry for being so wordy, I just figured the more questions I can answer before they're asked, the quicker a solution can be found.

Thank you much for reading this, and thanks in advance for those who reply