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    How to use sudoer ? FC5


    I've have been trying to make easy sudoer

    I (mike) run software called where are one line:

    system("sudo -u pete /home/mike/");

    So I want to change to user pete and run the application which locates in my folder.

    And here are sudoers file:

    mike trinity= (pete) NOPASSWD: /home/mike/

    So here I let user mike to change to user pete (WITH NO PASSWORD QUESTION) and then I let him to run application which is in my folder.

    Why this wont work ?

    When I run this application called system always ask me to write the password ?
    Why it ask met to write password? In my sudoer file I told to not ask the password ?

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    GIven your user is called "pete", then you should have a line like that (for this no password thing to work):
    pete        ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL
    in /etc/sudoers
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