Hello everyone.

I have a problem at work: I have a few Fedora core 4 machines and lots of winXP machines running on my network. They all access an IBM AS/400 using client access for Linux and windows. The AS runs our "fairly simple" database app which was written by my predecessor. However, the AS400 is getting on a bit now and IBM UK's service charges are ridiculous, so I've setup a powerful machine running Debian in its place. I have started to write an application myself (ncurses has been amazing!) but never got round to finishing it so was wondering if there's a (even a simple one) application that runs in console mode that allows one to make a database - nothing flash just need to make a contacts manager and an sales manager for now. It's important that it run at the console since I would like the user to access via ssh / Putty (win). Does anyone know of such an app?

Many, many thanks for your time.