At the moment, I am still running FreeBSD 4.7 on a dial-up connection but I will switch to something newer in the next months. Maybe Linux ...

I was just wondering what Internet telephone providers would run with Linux.

Looking at the Web site from tesco there is at least one phone adapter to be connected via Ethernet that has been told to work with the MAC OS.

I don't know why the USB connected devices are described only to work with Windows if generally USB devices labelled also for MAC run even on my USB 1.0 of the FreeBSD 4.7 release (from 2002).

But I presume the caveat will be the software provided on the CD. Presumably, that application software is only for Microsoft and MAC.

Does anyone run this tesco software on his/her Linux box, maybe in conjunction with "wine"?

Does someone in the UK use another Internet telephone provider that runs with Linux?

If someone wants to have a look at the glorious tesco Web page: