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    Poor Speeds in Azureus

    I'm currently running Azureus under SuSE10.2, and having some real problems with download speed. Under windows and utorrent I get around 100-200kb/s d/l speeds, but under linux I'm lucky if I can get 10kb/s. Also the little face stays yellow next to the torrent and says that there may be a NAT problem, but the bottom of the screen says 'NAT OK' any ideas?

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    Did you open the ports that Azureus needs on your firewall? If not you need to do this from the security module in YAST.

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    I opened the port it needs (4xxxx) as both tcp and udp. I also opened 6880:6890 as tcp

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    Did you forward these ports from your router? If you are not using the same ports for your Windows and Linux installs that may be the problem. What ports are you using in Windows?

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    OK, so I've changed both windows and linux to use the same port and ran a few tests.
    after running a popular torrent in uTorrent for ten mins I managed to get about 100kbs dl with 10kbs ul. however in azureus (under linux) I only managed about 8kbs dl and 10 kbs ul. Also I'd like to point out that my share ratio in azureus is MUCH better than in uTorrent.
    I then had a look through all the settings and discovered that the 'max global connections' in azureus are set way too low for me, and by bumping up the number of connections per torrent and giving the max uploads per torrent a slightly smaller amount of the total connections I got a MUCH better speed, similar to that which I got in uTorrent.
    If any body help me find the 'best' settings for number of connections (global, u/l, per torrent) I would be grateful, just thought that I'd post this as a reference for anybody else having issues.

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