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    How to disable the messages during bootup and shutdown?

    Guys and Gals,

    I would like not to see the messages (checking and confirmation) during bootup and shutdown. How will I do it? I am using Red Hat 9.

    Thank you for your great help.

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    What you are speaking of is called a bootsplash and you would have to patch the kernel to get that to work. You should google for it i don't know if any has doesn it with redhat but i am sure they have so you should be able to find a tutorial. Fedora uses this type of system when it boots up personally its best to have the text mode instead of graphical boot up but to each his own.

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    i dont think you have to go as far as modding your kernal.
    I know in mdk9.2; all you have to do is

    NOTE: FOLLOW THE OPPOSITE OF THESE DIRECTIONS [which are to change from graphical to verbose mode]

    edit /etc/lilo.conf yourself, selecting install=menu or install=text instead of graphical.

    Now change /etc/sysconfig/bootsplash and tell it to take the stupid graphics elsewhere by changing the lines to include


    Now make sure that you pass the splash=0 option to your bootloader (in LILO, this is the append option), reboot, and enjoy your glorious text. Don't forget to run LILO first.

    [so, for you, put in splash=1 ]

    [hope this works, good luck;

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    wat if with grub.conf

    wat i will do if i am using grub to do the same?

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    This thread is around 3 years old. Please start a new thread and explain your problem in detail. sorry for inconvenience.
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