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    Making a dvd copier

    I have a pentium 3 that I would like to convert into a dvd copier with 5 or 6 dvd burners. I am a teacher/trainer and am finding the need to give out info in electronic media now.

    Is there some linux dvd burning software out there that will let me make 5 or 6 dvds of the same disk at one time?


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    There is a parallel CD burning app called CDcontrol. I'm not sure if it works with DVD's.

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    DVD duplicating machine

    I have an 800 mhz Pentium 3 that i want to turn into a DVD duplicator. I am a teacher and am finding more and more that I need to mass duplicate disks to get information to students. I have the hardware lined up. I need two things to make this work.

    I want to use linux - this will be my first project - to reduce the cost of the project - don't have to pay Mr. Gates a penny!

    First of all, the DVD drives will be eide. My motherboard will only support 4 ide devices. Can I add a pci eide card so that I can have 8 dvd drives? I have a spare scsi card and hard drive - I can use that to avoid using one of the eide slots.

    Secondly, is there some linux software out there that will burn 7 copies at one time?


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    I don't see why you couldn't use a PCI card... if you're rolling your own kernel, just be sure to include support for them.

    As for the software, I can find a number of references to burning simultaneously through Google. The most common burning application is called k3b, and I don't see the option, but I only have one burner, so it may be hidden from me. I'm certain you can find a way to do it, though, even if it requires you to go a little low-level.

    Let us know how it goes!

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