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Thread: K3b Audio CD's

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    K3b Audio CD's

    I know this seems like a repeated topic but i assure you i spent a long time looking through old threads to make sure that my specific problem hasnt been directly addressed. Now my goal is to burn an audio cd from mp3's using k3b. I know k3b is capable because i read the k3b handbook looking for an answer i think my problem is that i am lacking a plugin for mp3 decoding or i am kinda dumb so i am not sure which it is. Now i didnt change my k3b ata ll it cam installed with fedora core 2. I have already burnt a DVD video which works fine lol so you woudl think that a simple audio cd would be a breeze. But sadly it isnt. I am wondering if maybe my k3b doesnt ahve those plugins available or enabled and i am not sure how to get them. DO you think that uninstalling and perhaps reinstalling from source might help. I am decent with linux installing programs etc, as i am not a total n00blar. But as far as these audio cd's goes i am stumped. The error message is "Unable to handle the following files due to an unsupported format" That when i try to frag and drop or add an mp3 to an audio cd project.

    version= k3b 0.11.9 (Using KDE 3.2.2-4 Red Hat)

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    same problem

    same prob here pal. did you get a solution?

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    Fedora doesn't come with mp3 support. You can download mp3 support as an rpm from a variety of sites, do a google for fedora mp3 rpm, or click here:

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    if your have problems with k3b mp3 file just install ""libk3b2-mp3"" by Ubuntu (debian-base) can you install it from source the "universe" this pakket is not avalible on the "multiverse"

    just install it and it works, if nog install the ""cdrdao"" pakket also avalible on source.
    best can you chance the premisie to you user by "chown -R username /usr/bin/cdrdao

    greets and injoy your k3b

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