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    Stable Alternative to Internet Explorer?

    Is there any stable alternative to Internet Explorer on Linux? I love firefox and use it all the time, but I am having two issues lately. One is that I get sites that use certain displays or programming, that I can not get a plugin for in Firefox. The other is that Firefox keeps crashing at random points. I think it may be that I open too many tabs and all the information seems to be too much. I can never predict when it happens though and becomes such a pain. I mainly just want an Internet Explorer like alternative for compatibility. I have used Konqueror but unfortunately it too has the same issue in displaying content that FireFox can not. Any help?

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    I've never had stability issues with Firefox, but I have had problems with websites that were designed for Internet Exploiter. You might consider something like Opera.

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    Me neither. But lately it has been happening more. I think it might be more an issue with the sites that are causing it, but I always browse so many that I can never really narrow it down and determine the culprit. Thanks I will check out Opera!


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