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    Recovering lost+found files

    OK, the situation

    I noticed that a few songs were missing from my xmms playlist having recently refreshed the list.

    So i listed the directory /mnt/media/music
    got a LOAD if Input/Output errors.

    Tried to remount the partition, but it was "in use" so i rebooted

    After the reboot, it did not mount. So manually tried it, and told me to specify the fs type, this didn't work either

    Si i ran e2fsck on the partition, and it corrected LOADS of errors on the inodes.

    The problem is that in doing this, it seems to have wiped ALL the data off this disk (Music, videos, most of my media basically, totalling 93GB) That it did do tho was create a LOAD of files in /mnt/media/lost+found. Now i assume these can be recovered (more like hope they can). But i dont know how. Anyone know how i can do this.?
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    OK, i've found out that the files in lost+found ARE recovered!! Their named by their inode iirc, which unfortunately i cannot remember which files were in which inodes. All the data however (apart from the filename) is fully intact. Basically at the moment i'm using konqueror in "detailed" view, which shows the file type. With this, i can filter out all the jpeg images from the videos from the random other stuff that was on there. Once this is done, it's gonna be a case of sorting thru what music is what, which isn't that bad since all my music was in a mess anyway, just means i HAVE to sort it all out.
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    That's good news. I'm glad you didn't lose everything.

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    Might not have lost everything, but i now have the ppleasure of sifting through some 65K files sourting out what's what!!

    Also it seems that there's only about 5GB of music, when before i have at least 20GB, so some of that has disappeared somewhere!!

    I have just found my MP3 Power cable though, so I charged that last night, and task for tonight is to copy the 20GB i have on there back onto the desktop.
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