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Thread: Scons help

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    Scons help

    Whenever I downloaded scons-0.97, the readme said to use
     # python install
    to install it. So I did, and everything appeared to go well. Whenever I tried to run it by typing in "scons", I get the following error:
     scons: *** No SConstruct file found.
    File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/SCons/Script/", line 1128, in _main
    Does anyone know how to fix this so that I can run scons?

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    Smile Scons - No SConstruct


    You should have the following files in your VOB directory before using SCons...

    Scontargets - Optional

    and you should have Sconopts.user in your home directory which contains the details where your APPSYSTEM, TOOLS have.

    SConstruct: When you execute "scons", it first looks for SConstruct file. Currently there is one SConstruct script per vob. Most of the time users will not have to change default SConstruct script.

    SContargets: SContargets is used to define dependency matrix for your components. For instance if you would like to build dir1 before you build dir2, then you can write following code


    this way when scons is executed, it will first build dir1 and then dir2.

    SConopts: SConopts file is used to define thirdparty or other variables that would be used by the scons based build system to process the whole vob.

    SConscript: SConscript file is required in each and every directory where you would like to build your source. If a directory does not contain SConscript file then scons will not build that directory and anything under it. More details are provided below on how to change this file for different action requrements like building libraries, and programs.

    Hence, please check with them before proceed.

    Ganesh Kumar

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