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Thread: Media Centre

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    Media Centre

    I'm interested in creating a media centre to play mainly music and a few videos (encoded inc. xvid).
    Its going to be a low end box with an AMD XP 1700, 256mb ram and a Geforce mx440 graphics card.
    Now i've loaded ubuntu 7.xx onto it, and then put mythtv on it. However, it seems to be not what im looking for, it seems more of a PVR type system.

    This box isn't going to have a tuner or capture card in it, just video (s-video) and audio out.
    It isn't going to have the media stored on it either, most likely on a samba share. Control over network would be great also.

    So, what should i be using to create such a box? I don't have it setup with a remote control or anything (i might if it turns out successful), and i'd prefer to spend little if not no money for it.

    Finally, there didn't really seem like theres a "what should i use" section, and i'm pretty sure distribution isn't a major issue. I'm actually willing to not use ubuntu and use something rpm based ( <3 Fedora ), though it obviously has to be low requirements.

    Also if its relevant at all, im likely to be gutting an old receiver for use as the case.

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    How about something like Elisa of My Media System? I assume a 10' UI is a requirement. If not, there could be other options available.

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    Im not quite sure if i know what your asking, but Amarok and Mplayer are my favourite music and video players respectively. Might be a little slow on a system with less ram though.
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