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    giFT daemon Connection Error

    I've been using Apollon for a few months now with no problems. One day all of a sudden it just wont connect anymore. I tried configuring the gift-setup, re-installing Apollon. Finally I uninstalled Apollon completley. I installed the all in one package. It still wont connect, I get this in the info window:
    The giFT daemon, which is responsible for connecting to the various networks, appears to be down and I don't seem to able to start it.
    Probably your giFT installation is corrupted. Try starting giFT manually by typing "giftd" on the command line. If this gives errors, there's likely some internal error in giFT or in your giFT configuration. Refer to the giFT homepage at for help.
    I tried that and that doesn't work...any suggestions?

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    Apollon is the front end to giFT file sharing daemon. as mentioned try running giftd from a console and see if it runs corrects. upon any errors just check if giFT is configured correctly in its config file
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    In my experience with Apollon it seems that sometimes when you install the FastTrack plugin, it doesnt reside where the programs thinks it does. I dont recall the exact directory it should be in, but what you may need to do i search for the *.so that corresponds to fasttrack, i believe it is You can run slocate if you installed more than a day ago to find it, or search usr/lib and /usr/share/lib i believe in one of them there will be giFT folder where there should be make sure that both have it and try to reconnect. Also if you are using any other plugins like Gnutella make sure their .so files are there along with their .la (for example and Once they are there try to reconnect. If it still doesnt work, go to Setting/Configure APollon/Advanced and manually add the plugin by browsing for the .so where ever you put it in the new directory.


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