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    Azureus Settings and Download Speed

    New to Linux. 4 to 6 months. Having some trouble with Azureus. Downloads start, but then they turn brown and 0 Kb/s. I have the three lights with a healthy green, no NAT or DB problems at all. I'll give as much information as possible. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Have a 640K connection. Let me know if I have to give more information. What I need is someone to tell me if my settings for Azureus are ok. And if my router port forwarding and configuration is ok.

    Hardware and OS:

    AMD Turion 64 MK36 (in a notebook)
    1,5G of RAM
    OS: Ubuntu 7.04 64bit
    Edimax Wireless Super-G ADSL Modem Router
    Java: 5.0, not up to date there cause I need to run Firefox 32 bit with Flash plugins, so I needed the 32 bit edition. Hence I don't have the latest Firefox.
    Connection: 640K ADSL Connection Wireless
    Modem Router: Edimax Modem Router Wireless Super-G ADSL2+ Modem Router


    My Router Configuration:

    NAT Setting Enabled
    Virtual Server with Port 58349 UDP and TCP Portforwarded
    DMZ: Enabled with my IP

    Here are all my settings for Azureus:

    Incoming TCP Port 58349
    Incoming TCP Port 58349
    Select the default permitted sources for peer connections
    Peer Sources
    From a tracker Selected
    Descentralized tracking Selected
    Supplied by another peer Selected
    Added by a plugin Selected
    Select the default permitted networks for peer-peer data transmissions
    Public IP networks Selected
    I2P Network Selected
    The Onion Router (Tor) Network Selected

    Prompt for selection when a download with an anonymous tracker is added Selected

    Proxy Options

    Advanced netwok settings
    Max simultaneous outbound connection attemps 16
    Bind to local IP Address
    Bind to local port 0
    Line Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) 1500
    Socket SO_SNDBUF size 0
    Socket SO_RCVBUF size 0
    Outgoing packet type-of-service (TOS)

    Transport Encryption

    Kb/s global max upload speed 30
    Alternate rate when only seedieng Not selected
    Per torrent max upload speed when busy timer [sec] 30
    Kb/s max download speed 70
    Max upload slots per torrent default 4
    Alternate default when seeding Not selected
    Max connections per torrent default 25
    Max connection globally 200
    Allow multiple connections from the same IP Selected
    Use lazy bitfield Selected
    Prioritize first and last piece of files Selected
    Further pioritize High priority files according to % complete and size of file Not selected
    Ignore peers with these data ports 0

    These limits will only be applied when automatic upload speed is enabled and also require the distributed database to be enabled
    Kb/s minimum upload speed 1
    Kb/s maximum upload speed 30
    Enable when downloding and seeding Not selected
    Enable when only seeding Not selected
    Enable download speed adjustment Not selected
    Download: Upload speed ratio In grey (Unable to select)
    Kb/s maximum increase per cycle 1
    Kb/s maximum decrease per cycle 4
    Choking ping time [miliseconds] 500
    Factor used to link latency changes tp speed changes 50
    Log debug information Not selected


    Default Directory Options
    Default directory My desktop
    Automatically download to default directory (No prompt) Not selected
    Use best guess when choosing default save directory Selected
    Update default directory to location last saved to Selected
    Allocate and zero new files on creation Not selected
    Truncate existing files that are too large Not selected
    Enable incremental file creation [Required for FAT32 under Linux] Not selected
    Re-check pieces when download is done Selected
    Enforce exclusive file write access locking across torrents Selected
    Use Fast Resume mode Selected
    Update Resume data every 5
    On crash-restart check entire file for completed pieces Not selected
    Save peer connections for quick reconnects Selected
    Maximum peers to save 512
    Auto-prioritize files with extension None selected
    Ignore Case Not selected
    Confirm when deleting data Selected
    Backup configuration files for recovery purposes Selected

    Completion moving

    Save .torrent files Selected
    Save directory /home/myowndirectory/.azureus/torrents
    Save backup Not selected
    By default add new torrents in a stopped state Not selected
    Import new torrents automatically Not selected
    Files to ignore when creating torrents .DS_Store;Thumbs.db;desktop.ini

    Decoding character sets
    Default torrent encoding when selection required None
    Always prompt when encoding choice available Not selected
    Show less likely encodings Not selected
    Consider all possible encodings Not selected

    Removal rules
    Automatically remove unauthorized torrents Not selected
    Remove Azureus update torrents as the swarm requires Selected

    Performance options
    Friendly hash checking Not selected
    Recheck smallest downloads first Selected
    Enable disk cache Selected
    Size of cache in MB 4
    Do not cache files smaller than this (in KB) 1024
    Perform read-aheads to reduce disk reads when uploading Not selected
    Cache download data to reduce disk writes and also
    decrease disk reads required for piece checking Selected
    Write complete pieces to disk inmediately. Selected
    Trace cache operations for diagnostic purposes Not selected
    Maximum files opened for read/write 50
    Maximum write requests queued 5
    Maximum read requests queued 5

    Interface (Only settings that matter)
    User Proficiency Advanced

    IP filters
    Enable Not selected
    ALLOW these ranges Not selected
    Save blocked IP details across restarts Selected
    Block peers that consistently send bad data Selected
    Store IP descriptions in scratch files Selected
    Ban a block of 256 addresses when at least this many
    in the block have been banned 4

    All checked and green (as default)

    Bot settings
    As default

    IRC settings
    As default

    Distributed DB
    Enable the distributed database Selected
    IP address
    Port 0
    Log IP Filter violations Selected
    Enable advanced settings Not selected
    Diagnostics command print
    Enable tracing of activity Not selected

    Distributed tracker
    Only track normal torrents whn their tracker is unavailable Selected

    As default

    LAN peer finder

    Tracker web

    Enble UPnP Selected
    Map ports even if owned by another computer Not selected
    Release mappings on closedown Not selected
    Report succesful mappings Not selected
    Report ports owned by another computers Selected
    Report problems with the UPnP device Selected
    Selected interfaces
    Ignore devices that fail to respond correctly Selected



    Enable scraping Selected
    Scrape torrents that aren't running Not selected
    Disable per-tracker scrape aggregation Not selected
    Send Java version and OS name Selected
    Enable UDP tracker protocol Selected
    Show warning messages reported by trackers Selected
    Override options NOTHING SELECTED
    Connection timeout (secs) 120
    Read timeut (secs) 60
    Enable key passing to tracker for enhanced security Not selected
    Use different peer identities for tracker and data communication Not selected

    Tracker external IP address NOTHING
    Enable tracker on HTTP port Not selected
    Enable tracker on HTTPS port Not selected
    Enable external torrents Not selected
    Ensure this tracker's URL's are present in hosted torrents Selected
    Enable password in tracker web Not selected
    Enable passwords in torrents Not selected
    Tracker client poll interval (secs)
    Minimum 120 Maximum 3600
    Increase by 60 Every 'n' client 10
    Scrape interval as %age of announce 200 Crape cache 5000
    Announce cache enable peer threshold 500 Announce cache 500
    Maximum peers returned 100
    Max seeds retained per torrent 0
    Check 'incoming data port' connectability Selected 15
    Send peer identity to downloaders Selected
    Enable UDP tracker protocol Not selected
    Enable compact announce protocol Selected
    Log periodic statistics to 'tracker.log' Not selected
    Enable key passing to tracker for enhanced security Selected
    Public IP Network Selected
    I2P Network Selected
    The Onion Router (Tor) Network Selected
    Processing limits
    Max time for GET processing 20
    GET time multiplier for POST processing 1
    Max concurrent requests 48
    Non-blocking options NOTHING SELECTED

    As default

    Protocol for shared resources HTTP
    Private torrent only accept peers from the tracker Not selected
    Allow decentralized tracking when tracker is unavailable Selected
    Add hasehs for other networks Selected
    Enable periodic rescanning of shares for changing Not selected
    Comment for generated torrents NOTHING

    Enable logging Not selected
    Enable verbose UDP transport trace Selected

    Max simultaneous downloads 4
    Max active torrents 4
    Max when only seeding Not selected
    Don't count torrent as using a download slot if speed is below 512/s
    Don't count completed torrent as using a slot if speed is below 512/s
    Move newly completed torrents to the front of the seeding list Selected
    Show confirmation popup when stopping seeding with a share ratio lower than 1 Selected
    Log debug information Not selected

    Minimum seeding time in seconds 180
    Disconnect seeds when seeding Selected
    Use Super Seeding Selected
    Automatically reposition torrents based on Seeding Rank Not selected
    Consider 'add for seeding' downloads to have dwnloaded this number of copies 1
    Pretend there's 1 full copy for every 0

    Auto Starting
    Peers: Seed Ratio Selected
    When torrents have the same rank, prefer larger swarms Selected
    Lower Seeding Rank for torrents with no seeds and less than 1 Peers
    Auto Start all completed torrents with 0 peers Not selected

    Frist Priority
    First priority goes to torrent with Any
    A share ratio under 1:2 (0.5)
    An elapsed time since the start of the downloading Ignore
    An elapsed time since changing from downlaoding to seeding Ignore
    Torrents with a seeds to peers ratio over Ignore
    Torrents with 0 peers Not selected

    Ignore rules
    Ignore torrents with at least 0
    Ignore torrents that have at least one seed for 0
    But only for torrents with at least 0
    Ignore torrents that have a share ratio of 0:0
    But only for torrents with at least 0
    Ignore torrents with 0 peers Selected

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    yes azureus can be painful to get going
    you mention that you live in Argentina have you checked this page to see

    Bad ISPs - AzureusWiki

    whether your ISP is the one blocking your connection? due to increased dsl traffic, ISP's are taking dramatic measures they like to call 'traffic shaping' but in reality they are simply blocking the whole thing. if you ISP is blacklisted, be sure to enable RC4 encryption and retry downlading. keep us updated here we ll try to help whenever we can

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    Hi Dre4mer, thanks for replying, I was quite surprised cause I posted several weeks ago, still thanks for doing so. Though I have to tell you I'm using utorrent via wine, its just much more simple to configure, almost a one step thing. And everyone here in Argentina has problems with Azureus, I've checked in the past the blacklisted ISPs, mine used to be one of them years ago, but my ISP nowadays is a good one, it doesn't reduce or block port or connection band. Still I had problems to make Azureus work, so I turned to Utorrent, I don't like it cause I don't like to depend on .exe applications, still, it looks like the best thing at the moment.

    So anyway, thanks for replying, and well that's it, good luck to you Dre4mer and thanks again!

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    well glad to hear you got something running for torrents. without them internet is just boring. wish i could help. have a great day.

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