I have used Kino for making very basic dvd's. But now I find that I need to get a bit more advanced.

I am a rugby coach and therefore regularly film rugby matches, I want to put together a training dvd for the team, but would like some particular special effects, which I am not sure that Kino has. For example I would like to freeze a frame for a certain amount of time and draw lines on the film, e.g. running directions etc.

I would also like to be able to draw attention to a particular player or part of a scene by drawing a circle around them or "dimming" the color around the player so that the viewers focus is on one place. Obviously the circle or dimming affect must follow the particular player for a number of frames (maybe 10 - 200 frames). Is this possible in Kino, if not is there a program (preferably with the simplicity of interface as Kino) for Linux that can do this?