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    Sorry asked to quickly...

    i found how to change what output plugin it is using and it was using aRts Output 0.6.0

    when i change this to most of the other ones available it works fine (ALSA 1.2.10 and eSound 1.2.10 for example)

    could rhythmbox be using the wrong output plugin or something?

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    No, I believe Rhythmbox always uses OSS by default. You may want to check just to be sure, though - you can start the program gstreamer-properties and check what default audio sink is configured.

    I find it extremely strange what you say about gst-launch-ext bringing the entire system to a crawl... At the very least, you may want to stop it with Ctrl+C instead of by closing the window. Anyway, just eating CPU cycles can't cause something like that to happen - it probably exhausts your memory or something, which is, of course, a very, very strange thing for it to do.

    In any case, it clearly indicates that something is fundamentally wrong. I have one idea for now - try running "gst-register-0.8" and try again.

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    Sorry i didn't repond for such a long time but i ended up with some more serious problems on my pc that meant i couldn't even boot.

    I've sorted these problems out on my own but this time i decided to install mandrake (felt like trying another distribution seeing as id only tried fedora before)

    As such i am now using kde and so i do not use rhythmbox

    Thanks for all your help anyway

    btw do you know of any good Jukebox software for kde

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    Re: Rhythmbox "Could not Pause Playback"

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Matt
    This is my first post and am quite new to linux so forgive me if i muck something up/ ask something that is obvious

    I have just installed the mp3 plugin for rythmbox and all of its dependencies but i still cannot play mp3 files

    Rhythmbox now just says "Could not Pause Playback"

    btw my distro is Fedora Core 2 and Rhythmbox can still play ogg files

    Thanks in advance
    Hi Bit Matt,

    could you tell me where I can find this plugin?

    thank you in advance


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    If you type "gstreamer-plugins-mp3" into google you get plenty of places to download from

    I cant remember exactly where i got it from now but im sure one of these places will be fine

    you'll also need libid3tag and libmad but searchs on google also gets you these ones pretty easily

    an easier way to do it is to use yum though. I cant test it but i think if you type "yum install gstreamer-plugins-mp3" into terminal as root it will install it and all of its dependencies for you

    As Dolda2000 pointed out is a useful site to have a look at

    Hope i've been helpful

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