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    Rhythmbox "Could not Pause Playback"

    This is my first post and am quite new to linux so forgive me if i muck something up/ ask something that is obvious

    I have just installed the mp3 plugin for rythmbox and all of its dependencies but i still cannot play mp3 files

    Rhythmbox now just says "Could not Pause Playback"

    btw my distro is Fedora Core 2 and Rhythmbox can still play ogg files

    Thanks in advance

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    How, exactly, did you install the MP3 plugin for Rhythmbox?

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    Sorry correction (I knew i would get something wrong)

    The plugin is actually for gstreamer (I was previously told this was what i wanted)
    it was an rpm package called gstreamer-plugins-mp3-0.8.1-0.lvn.1.2.i386.rpm
    to install it i also had to install and

    Thanks for the response

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    Yes, that is indeed what you should have done. It's strange that it doesn't work, since this is more or less exactly what I have done to FC2 computers to make them work.

    If anything, there might be something strange with the version of the MP3 plugin that you downloaded. Try uninstalling them again and then do this:
    1. Go to
    2. Follow the answer to question 2 under the "Getting and Installing Fedora Software" section (that is, the question "How do I install software for Fedora", about replacing your yum.conf).
    3. Follow the answer to question 12 under the "Problems and Their Solutions" section (that is, the question "How do I make Rhythmbox play MP3s?").

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    Thanks for the help

    Im afraid to say i got stuck right at the beggining of your reponse.

    I am a complete linux newbie and cant actually work out how to remove preograms like that
    I can only work out how to remove the programs i installed in installation

    Thanks again

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    Oh, I see. =)

    To remove a program, just go to the command line and run the command "rpm -e packagename", where packagename, of course, is the name of the package you want to remove. In this case, it would be gstreamer-plugins-mp3, libid3tag and libmad.
    You also need to be root to do that. In order to become root, run the command "su -", and type the root password when prompted.

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    I've done everything you suggested and it all seemed to work fine but...
    unfortunatly i still get the same error ("Could not Pause Playback")
    after searching the internet a bit more I found that this problem was on bugzilla
    as far as i can see nobody has come up with a resolution to the problem

    anyway thanks Dolda2000, I'm greatful for the help

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    That's very weird, considering it worked when I last tried it on a FC2 system...

    You might want to try (from the command line), to run "gst-launch-ext-0.8 /path/to/a/random/file.mp3" and see if that works. At least then you'll know if the error is in Rhythmbox or in gstreamer.

    If all else fails, you can at least use XMMS.

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    Tried out the command you suggested and ran into some problems

    I would copy out what it does if i could but every time i run it my computer goes into such a crawl that you can t even move the mouse

    from what i remember this is roughly what it said;

    configeration file does not exist, you may want to create one
    this is not an error just a friendly reminder

    then it says running command line followed by the command i typed in but with ! mad ! osssink at the end

    then it says Running Pipeline and stays on that as long as you leave it. You then have to press Alt-F4 to close the window as the computer runs so slow that even the mouse becomes unusable.

    Thanks for your help

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    Just found another problem...

    you said at least i can still use xmms. Well for some reason i cant use that now either

    it gives out the error that it "couldn't open audio" and then asks me to check:

    1/ "your sound card is configured properly" (the test sound plays)
    2/ "You have the correct output plugin selected" (I don't know how to check this)
    3/ "No other program is blocking the sound card" (I dont have any other program running)

    So for the moment i cant use xmms either


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