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    Browser not supported !!!

    Hi folks,

    Ubuntu 7.04 desktop

    "Browser NOT support"!!! "Install Internet Explorer"!!!

    I encountered this problem several years ago on visiting some websites with "Mozilla" and/or Konqueror". I found a solution suggested by a folk on Internet which can config Mozilla and Konqueror simulating as IE overcoming such a barrier. Now I encountered the same problem again using Firefox visiting some websites. Unfortunately I can't find the said website again.

    On googling it suggests to install "ies4linux". It requires "wine". (I don't have it running on this box) Other than that suggestion are there any other solutions. TIA


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    User Agent Switcher is a Firefox extension to make it look like IE

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    Quote Originally Posted by valan View Post

    User Agent Switcher is a Firefox extension to make it look like IE
    Hi valan,

    Already tried but w/o result. An empty page popup saying, Applet detectVM started ...


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    Hi folks,

    I solved my problem with ies4linux.

    I installed it by following;
    Installation: Ubuntu
    Installation:Ubuntu - IEs4Linux

    and JVM on;
    Mathieu Bonnet's posting on Dec 13, 2006
    IEs 4 Linux Forum :: View topic - No JVM?

    That site I was trying to visit operated by a local Jockey Club for charity, under Government supervision. It is a legal site.

    I'm NOT interested to register online betting. Additionally it needs e-certificate on registration which has to be purchased on local Post Office.

    Curiosity pushes me to start this thread. Several year ago I encountered the same problem on online banking. It also required M$ IE to work. Finally I made mozilla/konqueror/Opera to work instead. (I can't recall exactly which of them) My bank refused to entertain my request adding mozilla to my a/c as browser on the ground of security.

    It seems to me that Bill Gates is trying to push us back to M$ Windows.


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    with opera you can switch your browser type, and you can simulate as IE, mozilla etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tutku View Post
    with opera you can switch your browser type, and you can simulate as IE, mozilla etc.
    Hi Tutku,

    Sorry, no I tried before.

    Opera 9.22
    Tools --> Quick References --> Edit site preferences --> Network --> Browser Identification;
    select "Identified as IE6"/"Masked ad IE6"

    roload/restarted Opera.

    On Opera

    Version information
    Version                   9.22 
    Build                       655
    Platform	                Linux
    System                    i686, 2.6.20-16-generic
    Qt library                 3.3.7
    Java                         Java Runtime Environment installed
    Browser identification
                                   Opera/9.22 (X11; Linux i686; U; en)
    Not as "Internet Explorer" ever after reload and restart.

    $ ls -al ~/ | grep .opera
    drwx------ 10 satimis satimis      4096 2007-08-01 15:48 .opera
    $ ls -al ~/.opera/ | grep override.ini
    -rw-r--r--  1 satimis satimis   424 2007-08-01 15:40 override.ini
    I need not to be as root to make this change???


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