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    Resizing Archs partition

    I have resized Arch's partition from 20gb to 6gb by issuing the following command

    tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/(archs partition)
    e2fsck -v -f /dev/(archs partition)
    and then i used resize2fs for resizing
    resize2fs /dev/(archs partition) 6000M
    tune2fs -j /dev/(archs partition)
    e2fsck -v -f /dev/(archs partition)
    now the operation is successful but when i run
    fdisk -l /dev/hda
    it still shows the same number of cylinders occupied by the archs partition. Now how to alter the number of cylinders occupied.

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    This isnt a ArchLinux related Question.
    This is a Filesystem Question.. you run ext2?
    Well you might want to look at Partitions and Boot Loaders
    I say might since I am not certain.. I havnt read it I scanned it.

    Well, hope that helps.
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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