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I've only installed packages using this command with the file directly on my hard drive, but I suppose it should work with the file residing on a CD, too. What might happen though is that pacman might try to fetch any dependencies not included in your package directly from the Arch repos. Hopefully, everything needed is included with your package(s).
I've been in a couple situations where I needed to install a package locally and didn't have internet access. You can use the -U option to install directly off the CD. It won't go to the repos to try and satisfy dependencies. It just reports them and fails the installation. However, I've never run into the problem of trying to install a package off the install CD and not having its dependencies also available on the CD. Every package I've installed locally has also had its dependencies on the CD as well.

coderonline, I agree with ozar in that Arch is a distro meant for users with reliable Internet access but that's not to say you can't use it without Internet. It will just be a little more difficult. The tar.gz packages you're trying to install are source packages. They can be installed on any distro but the easiest way to install packages on Arch is with pkg.tar.gz. If you have that type of package, you can easily install it with:
pacman -U package-name.pkg.tar.gz
You can build a .pkg.tar.gz package suitable for pacman from a tar.gz with ABS as ozar mentioned but this process will require more study and effort on your part. Read the Wiki article that ozar posted along with this one. That will get you started. I'm afraid, without an internet connection, that this really is the easiest way to install software.