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    Partitioning question

    Hi folks

    Archlinux 86-64 2007 08-2 core (Host OS)
    The R Project for Statistical Computing

    VMWare server
    Guest OS to be decided later

    I'm prepared installing Archlinux on a box with 80G SATA-II HD installed to test R-project. My planning will be as follows;

    /boot 100M
    / 30G
    swap 1G
    /home 10G
    balance for Guest OS

    It needs at least 5 partitions. So I plan to have /home and "Guest OS" on ext partitions. I haven't figured out how to further partition "Guest OS" partition in future unless runnning LVM. Besides this is a virtual machine the "Guest OS" partition must be in VMWare partition. I started searching guides on Archlinux website and found follows;

    ArchWiki :: Installing with Software RAID or LVM - ArchWiki
    Partition the Hard Drives
    Setup LVM and Create the /home LVM Volume

    Please advise are the above documents appropriate for my guidance. OR are there more detail documents? TIA


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    Talking A good Formula before formatting

    this is karan singh......

    I appretiate your question tag.
    But as far as my views are concerned on this I think you should format your
    hard drive in a manner which is given below:
    1. primary partition should be below 5GB.
    2. Install all your softwares on the next partition.

    There is a big reason for this formula......more over the linux OS follows only this formula for alll of its procedures.......enjoy.......dearrrrrrrrrr

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