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    sudo died when I ran kdemod

    I was installing kdemod, and I was tweaking my xinitrc file to work.
    I got an error message from kdemod that it couldn't find the command
    'kdeinit'. I tried startx again, and after trying to start the server it
    logged out. When I logged in sudo didn't recognize ANY command. i.e.

    username@host ~$ sudo ls
    sudo: ls: command not found
    I reinstalled sudo with a new sudoers file and changed the 'root' to my username,
    but it didn't work. Any idea what's wrong?

    EDIT: 'halt' didn't work either.

    EDIT2: Today I booted linux and I ran 'cd' which should take me to the home directory. I would think that that means that 'HOME' isn't set right. Isn't 'HOME' set by bash or '.bashrc'?

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    for getting root privileges your user has to be in "wheel" group. Make sure that your user is element of "wheel" group.

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