Honestly I was looking for a reason to try Gentoo on this machine, so this might be another unsolved thread, but I thought I'd give this a shot at least....

So, school's out and I've been back into Linux with a big *Umph!* in the creative area (believe it or not, that's not the problem). However, as of a couple of weeks ago, I have not been able to do certain things. First thing I noticed was Thunderbird doesn't let me send or save drafts, something about not being able to store it in a temporary folder (I think... sorry, can't repeat the error now --in Windows). Next logical thing to do is update (it has at least been a good month since this last took place on this computer, so it was ready for it anyways). Whatever the problem is, though, it seems to cause an error with all installations, even when I try to JUST reinstall Thunderbird. Well, I mark this off as a major inconvenience and try to go about doing other things, when for some reason I decide to boot into KDEmod (I usually use OpenBox), and it says some sort of error including "temporary folder full?" or something to that effect.

I guessed that it's a permissions thing (although I don't know why the update wouldn't have worked, since it must be done as SU/root anyways), but I went ahead and tried "chmod +u /tmp" (eh, I'm not an expert with chmod...) and still got the same results.
Any ideas?
(Now reminded, I must go make apologies to those who tried to help with my last thread or two...).