Installation was going fine but when it got to a 430k file, kdebase-workspace-4, installation stalled. Its hung up there, for over 45 minutes. Should I abort? and what keys do I use to avoid corrupt files, if possible ? I have a pentium 3 clone. an nvidia card.

I tried ctrl/Alt
F1 and then F2, but I could not abort or check status. My keyboard could not input characters. I hit reboot button. If there is a better way, someone please share.

Earlier in the installation, I made a couple of errors. One was, was I was trying to follow "Build a mirrorlist using rankmirrors script. I forgot to do a previous step, pacman -S python.. I went ahead and cd /etc/pacman.d then
cp mirrorlist mirrorlist.backup. Next step, I did was: rankmirrors -n mirrorlist.backup > mirrorlist. At present I cannot do pacman -Syu and my mirrorlist has one commented for us and my mirrorlist.backup has all US entries except for the one commented on mirrorlist. I think I can work around it, by putting one entry on mirrorlist, but I wish I understood the process., or what went wrong. I think other programs expect mirrorlist and not mirrorlist.backup.

I solved my problem. Skipping one step, caused, me to drop my network from DAEMON String. That was giving me "no address found" error message when I tried to update. I cp mirrorlist.backup mirrorlist.

The problems remaining is as i mentioned earlier but perhaps I will learn as I go. Its close to an hour of downloading and configuring with a pentium 3 processor and itsstill installing. Most of my solutions/ideas of what to try were from web searches and thinking what should happen.