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    [SOLVED] May I use cd writers not on arch linux compatibility list?

    I compared cd dvd players compatibility list on both debian and arch linux. Arch has about 5 proprietary cd/cvd players and debian has about 18. Is there a workaround so I can use those listed on debians list. Or may I import the correct driver?

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    If you mean specific brands and models of writer hardware, then by all means yes. I'm not sure why they'd maintain such a list as these are all ATAPI devices which conform to a set of specifications for reading/burning etc.

    I suspect that these are just devices that had been explicitly tested, I personally have never seen a CD/DVD drive that didn't work under Linux. Now the control chipset on the other hand may occasionally be problematic if they are quite new, but again these will generally be added quite quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frank56 View Post
    Is there a workaround so I can use those listed on debians list. Or may I import the correct driver?
    What works on one distro should work on any other unless there has been some kind of patch applied that might make a certain player work where it wouldn't otherwise.

    The most common work around is to plug in your device and get busy using it!

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    Thanks, Big and Ozar,

    Let me give you a bit of background on the problem. I have a pentium 3 soyo motherboard, with IDE cable. On first install I used the legacy ide option because of my ide cable or system. I got a block error. I will edit this later to be more specific about error and other info. I then used the default option or first boot option and I overcame that error. My system with gnome is running good. I can play fm radio, but I cannot play my cd. If I load a cd, it blinks a few times and stays lit, Nothing pops up on my desktop, indicating my cd has been loaded. I have a disk utility that shows the following info: under Drive. Atapi cd rom Max 58X Firmware 1.13 Location: port 1 of pata host adapter Capacity 265 mb,. Under device it lists /dev/sr0., and under connection, I have, SCSI. Even with this setting, I tried an Nec player, model ND 2500, and it played. But also this was a DVD player. I retested 2 other cd players with debian, and both played music. I can only conclude, I have something in archlinux misconfigured.

    Subsequent edit. This link describes the Super block error I was getting. I followed one suggestion, to use first boot option, but there seems to other steps involved. I am going to study this link again.

    Arch Linux Forums / Post install boot...'superblock could not be read'.

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