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    Acer Crystal Eye Webcam problem after update system - ArchLinux

    i have got problem witha my webcam in Acer 7720 (Acer Crystal Eye) i dont know what wrong but camera work before (3-5 month) after update Archlinux, my camera was stoping in work... dont work 2 month (?) but after update again, start working again and working good in 3 month time... i do update every day, but camera work fine... but just to last week, i update again week ago, and camera deth again Angry Arch see my camera in control panel, in skype, and all aplication but dont work, looks like disconnected, but this is inpossible, because is connected all time, i think maybe about kernel faulty ?? but i realy no ide how i can check exacly what going on in my system, so maybe somebody can try help me ??


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    hey, welcome to the forums! sorry there's been no response for so long, but let me take a quick crack.

    it sounds like the driver for your webcam is getting updated, and some of the updates aren't working. if you didn't install the webcam driver seperately, it is probably built in as a kernel module. something to do would be to get your hands on the firmware/driver (shouldn't be too hard to do, you know the type of camera it is) so when the update breaks, you can fix it!

    any other questions, let me know!

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