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    Loss of defaults

    Been running Arch for a while and really like it, especially the fact that it comes pretty bare bones so I can add what I want. Anyway, I have had a minor problem that just keeps growing - it seems that my defaults don't stick.

    Biggest examples:

    Monitor settings: I have dual monitors and put something other than the default for the background. When I restart the second monitor comes up as a clone and the default picture is back, so have to go change the setting. As soon as I change the setting the background picture I picked shows up on the second display, while the first keeps the default unless I manually change it. UPDATE: Wrote this right after booting up, without fixing my monitors, and after posting fixed them and have absolutely no background, solid black. It works, the little plasmoid icon is in the corner and I can drag windows to it, just no background

    Program defaults: Not positive if it is all programs or what, but after a reboot when I open up Chromium it says that it is not default, so I press "Make Default" but as soon as I reboot it comes up again. Also I believe every time (or almost every time at least) I open a file it asks which program to use.

    My biggest annoyance is that every time I boot up an instance of Krusader pops up. At first it was just a minor annoyance, but there kept being more and more of them. And not incrementally, i.e. each time I booted up another one was added, instead I had one or two for a while, then all the sudden it was 4, I am now up to about 15!

    So any thoughts?

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    You mentioned a plasmoid and Krusader, so I assume you're using KDE?

    For the program defaults, Chromium uses the desktop environments defaults, via xdg-open, which calls variously kde-open, gnome-open, or exo-open. Setting the program defaults in your DE should resolve the problem.

    For making Chromium the default, I think manually setting it to be the default browser in KDE or whatever you're using should resolve the pop up "make default" dialog.

    You can also check out mimeo and mimeman.

    The multiple Krusader instances are because KDE has stupid defaults on opening the last session. I don't recall where exactly it is, but somewhere in System Settings, there is an option to change that. Look for something around session management.

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