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    Guide me through arch install?

    Hey there Linux forums!
    I have gotten pretty bored with Ubuntu 10.04 and with life, so I thought I would give myself something to do...
    Pretty much I have no idea where to start because I don't know what to download since it is pretty complex.
    Im willing to learn though!
    My specs of my computer are
    Intel i7 870
    Biostar Tpower I55
    4gb gskill ram
    And a 1 tb hardrive
    If any of that even matters.
    So what do I need to download? I have been googling this up a bit and I know now that I want to use a x64 architecture for sure.
    Any help and advice is appreciated

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    Hey, buddy. Welcome to the world of Arch Linux!

    Installing and configuring Arch Linux can be a great learning experience since it doesn't do all the work for you. This of course can be a bit confusing for those who are new to Linux.

    However, your in luck. The Arch Linux website has some of the best documentation out there. They have a whole wiki filled with all kinds of good stuff. I recommend you follow the beginners guide there. It will walk you through the whole process of getting Arch setup.

    You can find it here:

    If you run into any snags, try to search for it in the wiki. Chances are it will already be documented in there. If not, hit us up!

    Have fun.

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    Thanks,I read through through the link and I just can't figure out how to do this...
    how I do i create a partion from windows for arch? I want a 50gb for arch use and 8gb swap with out formatting my 1tb drive
    Or a partition in any general way?

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    In order to create a partition to install Arch Linux to, you will need to use an application that can partition your drive. For this I recommend Gparted. It's free, easy to use and boots off a disk. You can download Gparted from their website located at: GParted -- About

    You simply download the image and burn it to a disk. Once the image is burned to the disk, you can reboot you computer and boot off of the CD. Using Gparted, you can resize any current partitions you have to clear up space for Arch.

    Once some space is freed up, it's really just a matter of following the beginners guide on Arch wiki. From the Arch CD you'll be able to setup your Linux partitions using cfdisk. This is all documented on the wiki.

    Now, you have all the pieces you need to put this together. It's a lot to learn in the beginning, but the end results are well worth it. Let us know if you run into any walls.
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    actually, if you have windows vista or 7, i would recommend using the partitioning tool provided by the OS to shrink down the windows partition

    also i want to chime in and say that 8 gb swap is completely unnecessary unless you have 8 gb memory and want to hibernate your machine, 1gb is fine for most users

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Keep in mind that the Beginners Guide found on the Arch wiki was written with new users in mind, so it's not easy to provide better instructions than those found there. Also, Arch is not intended for new Linux users, but plenty of them install it successfully every day, so don't let any added difficulties/complexities get in your way. Sometimes, it's helpful to actually print out the instructions if you don't have another computer handy during your installation/configuration attempt.

    To briefly add to what coopstah said above, having 4GB of RAM you might not need any SWAP space at all unless you run lots of memory intensive apps at once. I've run with and without a SWAP partition plenty of times on 4 gigs of RAM and the SWAP partition was never touched. The only time I use SWAP these days is if I'm running 2 GB or less of RAM. On the other hand, if you have plenty of hard disk space, it doesn't hurt to have a SWAP partition, just in case. I'd certainly agree that 8GB for SWAP is overkill.

    Good luck with the installation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coopstah13 View Post
    actually, if you have windows vista or 7, i would recommend using the partitioning tool provided by the OS to shrink down the windows partition
    D'oh! I completely forgot about those Win tools.. Shows how much I use Windows, eh?

    I take a gander at my 2GB's of swap space through Conky every once in awhile.. I don't think I've ever seen it used on my 4GB system.

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    Other than the Arch Beginner's Guide, this -- > is one of the best Arch installation tutorials I've run across. Of course, I'm biased... the author is a friend and fellow Admin at that forum.

    Luck with it!


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