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    process and thread monitoring

    Hi all,

    I have some questions about monitoring of processes and threads in linux. I spent a lot of time searching them in the web and /proc files but without chance !
    I hope to find responses in this forum !

    1- Is it possible to get threads IDs of a given process (supposed that I have just the pid of this process) ?

    2- Is it possible to get more informations about threads through /proc ?

    3- Is it possible to know in which CPU a thread or a processes is running (if impossible to know which CPU, is it possible to know which node ID ?) ?

    Any suggestion will be very useful. Thanks for your attention.
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    Thank you fanderal. Very interesting article.

    I don't know why "ps -L" don't work with my application.

    If I try this following command without the option -L, I get this :
    #ps -C myAppli -o pid,tid,nlwp,comm 
    849346880 849346880 4 myAppli
    I have the same ID in pid and tid, even if there is 4 threads!

    If I try same thing with -L, there is no information at all!
    #ps -C myAppli -L -o pid,tid,nlwp,comm
    Any idea about that ?

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    You're welcome. That second command might get a result if run as a user... unless you're running 'myAppli' as root?

    Good luck.

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    Yes, I'm running as root!
    is there any equivalence ?

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    If you're looking up a process that's running, you'll get a result. If you're looking up an app or process that isn't running, there's no result. If you're root and looking up a process for a user, but no users are logged in, you probably won't get a result.

    Yes, I'm running as root!
    If you're running 'myAppli' as root but logged in as a user, there's no need to run ps as root. I don't know ps well enough to walk you through what you're trying to accomplish. Hopefully, someone else will respond to any more questions you have.

    A suggestion about process monitoring: check out Conky. Examples: "conky" - Google Search

    Good luck.

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