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    Network connection in Arch

    I really don't want to rage so I won't. But this is my first post and I have had a lot of frustration with Arch. I wanted to try Arch out because I know like nothing about command prompts and code like that. I installed it via virtual box and I have not had any problems with the installation. Apparently I skipped over the network connection though. So I read the wiki and I honestly do not understand much (that is why this a learning project). I then decided to post on the Arch forums to ask how to set it up.

    So I tried to register and at first I couldn't figure it out because I do not know how to copy and paste between guest and host os. Next, was that I could not find the | key. (Found it now, on my laptop it looks like a dashed colon). Now I type it in and I get nothing. I can't even register on the freaking forums to ask a simple question. It is driving me nuts. If someone can help me with the network connection or logging in to the forums, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    you can use just about any linux distro and work it through the command line, starting off with arch were you have to have some working knowledge of linux probably wasn't the best choice, as far as the forums on arch I've never had any problems although some forums make it a little difficult to keep out the riff raff lets say.
    My advice to you would be to start out with fedora don't use the package manager and compile everything through terminal to give yourself some knowledge before jumping in with both feet to something like arch ..................... I'm not trying to flame you here, please understand .

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    I have to ask, did you check out the beginners guide on the wiki? (can't post links until 15 posts).

    Without being funny, if you can't follow that, then you should start lower down, on something that does not require so much manual setup and build up your knowledge of compiling packages and script making first.

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    I had installed it prior to looking at that and now I am stuck. It does not give any answers on how to setup the network connection if you did not do it in the installation.

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    I am having some other problems and I still cannot get the register question to work. Can someone please just type it in and give me the answer here it is

    date -u +%W$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapkez View Post
    Can someone please just type it in and give me the answer
    Hello and welcome aboard!

    I'm getting this as the output:


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