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    Cant login with slim

    Recently installed arch, got it to boot and everything. I created a user, but every time i try to log in slim with a regular (non root) user, the screen goes black, and comes back to the slim login screen.

    Root user, however, is able to boot up and do as it pleases.

    any ideas guys?

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    How did you create the user?
    Commandline? Other method?
    What/who is slim?

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    I've not used Arch, so this may not apply...
    When you created your regular user account, what command did you use?
    adduser will not always create a home directory, which means you wouldn't have a default profile with which to login.
    useradd, however, creates a home directory, including a .bashrc file, config files, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yancek View Post
    What/who is slim?
    Slim is a cool lightweight desktop login manager (replacement for GDM).


    SSH into (or use Virtual Terminal - Ctrl+Alt+Fwhatever) your arch box as root user and tail /var/log/secure

    Then log in via Slim as regular user and see what it reports (also check /var/log/messages)

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    check contents of /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow for entries for the user you created
    after that check if the home area indicated in /etc/passwd for your user exists ... use ls -l to check ownership of the home folder and the shell being run by the user ...
    example /etc/passwd entry
    entry for user jonathan-user with home area /home/arch/jonathan-user and shell /bin/bash

    ... you may have screwed X by login to gui as root

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    After messing around with the ~/.xinitrc, i figured out the problem. I am now able to successfully log into my computer. The new issue that I have is the openbox menu's.

    Using obmenu, i change the settings around, but no changes are made after saving them. i even tried "cd" ing into the actual folder then launching obmenu, no cigar.

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    I tend to use IceWM so can't help much although I use menumaker to create the menu ... which should also work for openbox, it's in the Arch repositories. Glad you got the login bit working ... personally I prefer login at the cli and use startx

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    I have the same problem too

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    Like elohelomg said, it might be the .xinitrc file.
    Make sure that your home directory contains the file .xinitrc, and that it starts up your desktop environment (whatever it might be)

    I can't post links yet (new user) but search
    "arch linux slim"
    on google and the ArchWiki's page on SLiM should be the first link.

    Look at the "Enabling SLiM" section

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