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    Checking disk failures (physical and logical)

    Hi Guys,

    Can someone please tell me how to check the disk failures(physical and logical).I have tried searching in google a lot no luck.

    I am right now using smartctl and hpacucli tools.
    The linux version is 2.6.18-194.el5

    Could you please let me know whether smartctl checks the logical disk too.

    I have normal disks as well as HP smart array controller.

    Can someone please let me know whether the smartctl tool can check the HP array controllers as the tool hpacucli tool does?

    I appreciate if someone can help me out


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    Disk failures are file system specific. You have to know which file system is loaded. A quick check tells me that you might be using "intramfs" file system.

    The typical filesystem check is "fsck", which you should see running on bootup.

    However,my system ReiserFS, and I got into a situation where my system would not boot, and I used Reiserfsck from a rescue CD to fix the problem - by device name. Reiserfsck /dev/sda?.

    One tool you might consider appears to be intramfs-tools. It seems this may be right for your file system.

    But you need to research and verify. Bear in mind that you are looking for a file system tool, not Linux or Arch. You cannot hurt anything with fsck. Typically it will only fix or report what is broken, and nothing else.

    You can try running the standard Linux fsck from your terminal. If you do not have enough priviledge use the root terminal, or try "sudo fsck".

    As for the array controller, it seems this would depend on how they are identified as a device, then direct fsck to that device.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The requirement is to monitor the disk failures either it could be physical hardware failures or fs specific.
    And there are normal standard SATA disks (SATA AHCI controller) and HP Smart array controller in different systems.

    There is no issue when hpacucli is used for HP smart array controller disks but if the same tool is used for checking the normal SATA the o/p is No controllers detected this is obvious as the hpacucli would not support.

    But I am curious to know whether there is any single universal tool which can check for hardware,fs,logical,physical disk failures of diff disk types?

    Or any script which can do the same.


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