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    I am trying to install arch on to a desktop with a nvidia card I have all the drivers and all the xorg packages except xclock I couldn't get that to download. when I try to startx I get a blank screen. I looked in the xorg.conf.d file but every thing in X11 is blank. is that my problem or does it load defaults when x is started.

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    How did you go about install X? According to the ArchWiki:

    First, you will need the X server:

    # pacman -Syu xorg-server

    Install the xorg-xinit package if you want to start X without a display manager:

    # pacman -S xorg-xinit

    Optionally, install twm, xclock and xterm for the default xorg-xinit environment:

    # pacman -S xorg-twm xorg-xclock xterm

    You may also want the useful Xorg utilities:

    # pacman -S xorg-utils xorg-server-utils

    udev will detect your hardware and evdev will act as the hotplugging input driver for almost all devices. Installing input drivers is not needed for most hardware.

    If evdev does not support your device, install the needed driver from the xorg-drivers group (try pacman -Sg xorg-drivers for a listing).

    Xorg-server can be initiated by the startx command (from the xorg-xinit package). By default, it starts a basic environment with twm, xclock and xterm. You can switch to a custom environment by editing ~/.xinitrc.
    Note: You may also start X using a display manager such as KDM. See Display Manager for more info.

    Xorg can be configured via /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/xorg.conf and configuration files located in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/. Arch supplies default configuration files in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d, and no extra configuration is necessary for most setups.

    You should have 10-evdev.conf which manages the keyboard, the mouse, the touchpad and the touchscreen.

    You are free to create new config files, but they must start with XX- (where XX is a number) and have a .conf suffix (10 read before 20 for example).
    It says there at the end, that the default config file should work. What video card do you have and which driver are you using? You said you were having trouble downloading xclock? Maybe some went wrong in the download part and you got corrupted packages for X. I need more information. What exactly led up to you problems?

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    I did some more searching and found my problem the cd I used to install the system had the 2.6 Linux kernel so when I did the first update it mixed the two kernels together and broke my system. I downloaded the newest iso of Arch and it installed easily.

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    Great! Sorry I couldn't help but glad I you found the problem.

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