Hello everyone,
I was implementing a device driver for "Post Processor" (which is used for color space conversion and some scaling) peripheral on one of the ARM11 based SOC samsung s3c6410x.
I have developed the basic skeleton for the driver and a test application. I am trying to write the output to a kernel buffer.
But there seems to be some problem as no output is coming.
The data flow is like --

1) Taking the image raw file and writting it onto user space buffers.
2) Then writting it onto one kernel space buffer (say source_buffer).
3) Setting the necessary register settings for the peripheral and then writting the "source_buffer" address into peripheral DMA registers for source image (peripheral has a dedicated DMA); and another kernel buffer "destination_buffer" address into peripheral's DMA registers for destination image.
4) Then enabling the peripheral by setting its trigger bit.
5) Finally the writting the output from "destination_buffer" to another user space buffer.

Please help
Thanks in advance