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    How hard is it to learn to use an arch system

    I am curious as to how big the learning curve is for arch linux as i like to have up to date software but beyond doing basic command line functions i do not have skills to be able to do much more than that right now. SO i guess i am just asking experienced arch users if it is harder than using some command line functions to be able to run and maintain a personal computer for myself my laptop using arch. Thanks very much i can give any other information you may need to better assist me with this idea.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Arch seems easier than other distros (even the GUI configured ones) to me, but I guess it depends on each individual user as to whether or not he/she will get along with Arch. Arch users have put together a great wiki that includes just about anything you could need help with, so if you can follow the instructions there, you should be fine.

    Hope it works out well for you.

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    Arch is a very do-it-yourself distro, but that doesn't mean it is a "hard" distro. As ozar says, there is lots of great documentation. The philosophy does tend to be "know how to help yourself" in that you need to know what to look up and how to follow directions, but I don't think it's too tough.

    Give it a shot! Try installing Arch on a spare partition and see what happens .

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    If I can learn it anyone can. I would recommend trying Arch out in virtual Box or on a duel boot until you get use'd it. Once you get the hang of it it is easier than other distros and the wiki's give you all the info you need so you won't have to post questions to figure out how to do something.

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    I put Arch on my laptop as the core together with XFCE. I came from Ubuntu with gnome and I must say that it was a great decision to change! It is much quicker! I also had to learn more, but as mentioned before, arch has a great wiki where you can find almost everything. So I would advise to just go for it!

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