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    User Interface to Access USB device parameters: kernel 2.6.27


    I am implementing some commands to get following information for USB stoarage device.
    1.USB device plugged In/Out events
    2.Auto mount on plug-in
    3.Get USB device parameters strings like: Manufacturer, Product, Serial, Version and Status, speed parameters

    What user interface implementation will help to get above information?

    e.g. eventpoll etc.
    Referernce Links, e.g. will help.


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    If you have a data line reader and a data monitoring software (i.e. Line Eye or Device Monitoring Studio), you can easily see info #1 and #3.
    And if these data doesn't appear on the driver you are using(it's different with some devices), you may have to do some editing on your usb driver.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Well, I do not have any line reader or monitoring tool.
    I wish to know is there any userspace technique in linux (apart from /proc or /sys entries) which can be used in embedded application.

    No hotplug utility support available from busybox and we don't wish to add overhead of ioctl() calls in linux storage driver.


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    Sorry about that.
    That's "a data line reader [OR] a data monitoring software".
    There are a lot of free USB monitoring tools out there. Or if you don't want to buy the software, i bet even the 14 day trial on some of them is enough to get all the data you would need from the device.
    Also, why would you not want to use /proc or /sys? Its so easy to invoke the commands and grep/parse the results.

    With the events(#1), i actually read the character file the device was reporting to/attached on -> "/dev/input/event#". Well that was how the device driver was reporting its data. It might be different with yours.

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