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Thread: Updates

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    I have a slow internet connection and updates are a pain. I have two ideas that I think would help.
    1. Most of my updates are for KDE so can I freeze KDE updates.

    2. I would like to be able to do remote updates.
    I want to get a package update list, and take my laptop to town,
    download the pacages onto the laptop with, transfer the
    packages to my desktop, and then install them.
    I was thinking I could write a script using wget.

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    Linux Guru Jonathan183's Avatar
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    this may help ...
    If I had a slow internet connection I'd probably use Debian stable rather than Arch ...

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    I was thinking if I dump KDE and use xfce that would also solve my problem.

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    I use IceWM which has very few updates ... but is a Window Manager rather than Desktop Environment. The applications you use will still be subject to regular updates but using a DE or WM subject to less updates might help. I don't think I have completely stripped DE from my Arch install so can't comment on how many updates occur after that ...

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