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    (none) Login, [root@(none)], bsdcpio: failed to set default locale

    I am trying to install Arch onto my Dell Dimensions l866r. I have installed Arch before but I am getting a problem this time.

    I go through the installation fine, then I get to the part where you select what things you want to install. The "select packages" part. I leave the default checked ones alone and only check sudo, and some of the command things on the last part of the list.

    I then continue but when it is installing the packages and getting them ready it says this:
    bsdcpio: failed to set default locale

    And after the install it says this for the login:
    (none) Login:

    And when I login as root, it says:

    It has done this both times I have installed it. And so a minute ago I tried running "pacman -Syu" and this is what it gave me:
    warning: database file for "extra" does not exist
    warning: database file for "community" does not exist
    :: Synchronizing package databases...
      core is up to date
      extra 1384.5 KiB 805k/s 00:02 [#####(not exact amount of #'s)######] 100%
    community 1651.8 KiB 1754K/s 00:01 [####(not exact amount)] 100%
    :: Starting full system upgrade...
    there is nothing to do
    I just installed it, so it shouldn't have to update. But the first two warnings and how it says (none) confuses me.

    I also ran pacman -S chkrootkit and it installed fine and the program ran fine. And even after rebooting chkrootkit was still installed and ran fine.

    I could even make a user "jreidsma" and login with it.

    Any ideas? Should I try downloading the ISO again and reinstalling? Or did I forget and miss something. It has been a while sense I installed Arch.

    I ran hostname l866r and it changed it to l866r login and [root@l866r ~]
    I also did this to my other computer, it had the same problem.

    But after rebooting it went back to (none)
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    The hostname you set with command is temporary. To make it permanent edit/add the following line in /etc/rc.conf:

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    This is the first time I have had arch do this, so it startled me a little bit.

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