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    keyboard shortcut if fullscreen game freezes plasma desktop?

    I couldn't find a post about this but if I've missed it please link me to it....

    I'm a bit of a linux noob but this may be an unsolvable problem.

    Once in a while, a full-screen game of mine (lately, Skyrim running on Wine) freezes not just itself but apparently the entire plasma desktop, rendering ALT F2 and ALT TAB useless.

    Tonight, not only did everything freeze but the keyboard was cut off from the system; NOT unplugged, but the power was cut from it, as it the capslock etc did nothing, meaning any attempt to get out of the freeze was futile.

    This situation is more rare, but sometimes the keyboard will still work. I was wondering if there was a short keyboard command to kill automatically whatever window is currently open.
    I think it's CRTL ALT ESC to get the skull-kitt icon (right?) but that doesn't work if you can't see what's going on on the screen. Is there anything like CTRL Q for instance that works on Firefox? On occasion I've had to resort to CTRL ALT F1 but I'd prefer not to do hard quits like that if I can avoid it. Tonight with the keyboard dead I had to do a hard shut down.

    I just updated everything yesterday. NVIDIA driver. Not sure what other info might help, if any.

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    Ctrl-Alt-FN (F2, etc) will switch off the GUI and take you to a text console, but it doesn't stop the GUI from running. Ctrl-Alt-F1 (or some other F-key, depending upon your system) will switch back to the GUI. I've been able to use that technique to unstick a GUI in the past.
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