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    Question No Sound Production Adobe Flash


    I am an experienced linux/unix user and I've never had this problem before, but I'm rather desperate because I can't find a solution, upon STW I came to realize that many people have this problem, but none have a solution applicable to my system:

    Running Arch Linux with Enligtenment (e17) on an older (2005) Asus Laptop Intel core with Centrino. The webbrowser in question is Firefox 13.0 and I'm running a very recent version of Adobe Flash.

    Upon trying to run multimedia, such as that found in Youtube or on online television network sites, I find that the video and everything runs fantastic, smooth, not choppy except when the buffering rate slows down, however absolutely no sound is produced by the machine, not through my in-laptop-speakers, or in my headphones. Other applications such as Gnome MPlayer and Adacious seem to be producing sound as normal. The problem may be that I'm running OSS instead of another sound, but I haven't seen any preferences on my enlightenment or Firefox which allow me to specify sound agent, so I don't believe that is the problem, as, like I said above, everything else is running great (note: along those lines I did have to set preferences to OSS, but that is done in my enlightenment settings now and I don't see any in Firefox which are to that effect, or to sound effect at all) This was a very long winded explanation of my situation and problem in hopes that it provides all the information necessary to offer me assistance.

    Desperately trying to run sound;


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    I have found that with my Linux systems, you need to stop (not just pause or mute) all other audio streams for flash type videos (in a browser, right?) to emit sound. Very frustrating, but I have not yet found a solution for this. FWIW, my systems are RHEL 6.x derived - RH6, CentOS6, SL6 (Scientific Linux). They all have this issue, and it drives me nuts! Fortunately, I have learned to deal with it. Not gracefully, but effectively! This has been an issue for me for the past 5-6 years...
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