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    Question Arch linux installation help

    (i am a newbie) so i just installed arch on my laptop. so first, i start it up and the normal arch installation page comes up (where it asks me for a boot option). i select the first option, then takes me to the terminal window. now, i have to type "root" then "/arch/setup". but once i type root then enter, it says "command not found" and if i try to type /arch/setup, it says "no such file or directory". this makes no sense to me because i need these commands to work for me to completely install arch linux. so any help would be appreciated. (if you have any questions, let me know and ill get back soon)

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    Have you consulted this document: ??
    Arch is not the most beginner-friendly distro. Make sure you read over and understand that document, and then ask whatever questions you may have.

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    Thanks for the reply, im gonna look this over a second time and make sure i didnt miss anything important. If i have questions then ill fo another post. I just cant tell if i actually installed arch over the net, or if i actually put it on my hdd.

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    If you are using the new snapshot the installer is not on it anymore. You'll have to prepare your hard drives manually install the base then chroot in to the kernel to finish setting it up.

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    If you are using the newest iso, what you need to do is in a text file on the iso disk itself, do a:

    less /root/install.txt

    and read it

    hope it helps

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