I have two printers.

One printer (Officejet7400) is on the network, which I have no problem accessing and the other printer (HPLaser1100), which is connected directly from a Windows box (Windows 7).

I have set the Windows printer to share and allow 'everyone' to use it.

I'm using the latest Arch Linux 64bit with KDE 4.9.2.

When I use 'Windows Printer via Samba' via 'Printer Configuration', it can see the HPLaser1100 (smb://BUSINESS/OFFICE/HPLaser1100) and I installed the recommended driver.

After that, I tried to a test page and nothing happen even though Arch knows the printer is there.

When I use Ubuntu or Mint Linux, it picked up and print no problem.

Arch Linux machine:
Windows 7 with HPLaset1100 printer:
Officejet7400 printer:

What do you guys think might be the problem?