Hi Guys,

I have a peculiar problem and i tried my best to figure out problem but i am unable to do so.

Problem -> I Have two devices with access -point n both of them say router A and device B that test connectivity and functionality of Device A.

I have turned access-point of B into managed mode so that it accepts connection from Router A. everything works fine and it connects to router A and i get correct ssid of router A.

Now my text task is to measure speed or transfer some files. When i ping from B to A or vice versa it failed .
I am unable to find the problem.
wlan0 is connected and has ip address of 192.168.200 and subnet mask of and external ip address of say something like

A has wlan3 is connected has ip address in range and subnet mask of

Could you guys please let me know who would i make them talk to each other