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    some progress

    Quote Originally Posted by atreyu View Post
    wpa_supplicant never came into it for me. it was something like:

    iwconfig wlan0 essid MY_WIRELESS_NETWORK
    iwconfig wlan0 key XXXXXXXXX
    ifconfig wlan0 netmask up
    route add default gw dev wlan0
    echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf
    That helped in a strange way but when I went to /etc directory to look for resolve.conf file (just curius what was in it) I noticed the netctl directory. In there was the following:
    [pat@demoreal netctl]$ ls 
    ethernet-dhcp  examples  hooks  interfaces  wlan0-The Med
    I think this might be the reason "The Med" is the only network i can get on. I do not remember configuring this but I guess I did at some point after the install.

    [pat@demoreal netctl]$ cat wlan0-The\ Med 
    Description='Automatically generated profile by wifi-menu'
    ESSID=The\ Med
    I need to get back to school work but I think I will have this figured out soon.
    It is a bit strange that the password is out in the open in that file...
    the coffee house does not mater (it is on the door of the coffee house) but I wouldn't want my home network passkey to be open like that.
    I will look into this later tonight or tomorrow.

    edit: I don't remember configuring it because I didn't "Automatically generated profile by wifi-menu"
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    Quote Originally Posted by demoreal View Post
    I remember before, when I used dhclient and ifconfig that it would at least log me on first and I could even ping Google.
    This is incorrect.
    As @atreyu stated you need to first open a browser and go through the local password process,.

    The issue I had was netctl was attempting to connect at boot.
    I disabled netctl.
    I can now connect manually using the following tools:
    ip llink

    I set the wifi card up, scan for a network with iwlist then create a file of the network like the examples in

    I run wpa_supplicant in a terminal.
    Leaving it open has been helpfull to further my knowledge of networks.

    I then use dhcpcd to connect in the usual way

    when I get bored of this, I will try out netctl.
    but for now this is much more fun.
    Everything now works great.

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