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Thread: can't logoff

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    can't logoff

    Hi, I'm posting a thread here, since I figured Arch Linux users doing allot of tweaks and many times know the processes behind the scenes.

    I'm customizing my distro and run the gnome classic panel. On the applet called indicator-panel-complete, there is A logout option that doesn't respond, It's calling: gtk-logout-helper --logout which found in: /usr/lib/indicator-session/

    Need to find a solution to make it work, I even tried to re-write the gtk-logout-helper executable as a replacement to run the lxde logout manager, and place it in the same folder, unsuccessfully.

    So I wish to replace the command the logout from gnome menu tries to launch with one that would work.
    Like lubuntu-logout etc..

    I believe what I'm asking is super complicated.
    Any leads or ideas will be appreciated.

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    try to make changes in the menu.xml file
    or you just add the option by writing in the same code as for the remaining options

    the file menu.xml will be here ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml

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