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    Find out how or why a process started

    I'm trying to figure out which program(s) is/are starting several processes that always start on boot. The process are related to KDE programs (kactivitymanagerd, kded4, klauncher, kdeinit4), and I've heard that a number of programs can masquerade as at least some of those processes. Is there a way of either suppressing those processes at startup (by name?) and still letting them start by manually starting a program, or finding out what is causing them to start?

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    just run ps -ef as root and look for the process name and it should point you back to what started the process. I don't really use KDE but I'm sure you could find it with some searching. As far as stopping it from running, that's going to depend on how it was started. KDE has a hidden autostart directory in the home directory I believe but maybe someone else who uses KDE can chime in.

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    Ah, yes I've found it now. I've stopped the processes from starting on boot (they were being started because of a package I installed that I didn't really need, I just removed the package). They still remain resident after I start and then close any KDE program, which is disappointing, but at least at first idle they aren't there any more.

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